Same ol’ same ol’ leads to living complacently.

To not living the joy of each moment patiently.

What I don’t want to do is live blindly each day.

Blindfolded in work, in family, in play… No way!

Blindfolded in the bedroom… Now we’re talkin’.

But if you want to take me for granted… Keep walkin’.

I like to grab life by the balls… And fondle ’em.

With spontaneity, adventure, and emotional freedom.

People fear change and uncertainty, but not me.

I face it head on with anticipated glee.

Don’t let my moments be monotonous and rote.

Give me hard work, a goal, and love… That’s my vote.

When others think it’s too difficult or crazy,

I see endless potential… My vision’s not hazy!

So when change or “not knowing” come my way,

I welcome them in… To pray then play!


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