“With a grain of salt/wit”

It’s unhealthy to eat too much salt: As so, it is unwise to depend too heavily on others advice.  That’s why we take it with “a grain of salt” or cum grano salis**  However, life would be bland if we didn’t add just a little salt to enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients.  So… let me add a pinch or two from my observations and experiences to heighten your awareness of your life’s palette of flavors.  Welcome to The Salt Stone: A blog on relationships, love, biblical beliefs, parenting…. and of course, cooking!

I was asked…. What makes me the expert?  Well, I’m not an expert.  I can only share what I’ve learned through observation and experience to help others understand themselves, to encourage them in difficult times, to add a little “wit” to an otherwise “poisonous” situation, and to convey the message that we are never alone despite how lonely our journey can seem.  Please comment, respectfully debate, ask many questions, and enjoy the journey.

**Pliny the Elder used a grain of salt as an anecdote to poison.  Salis translates to salt or wit.  Wit is often used as an anecdote to life’s “poisons,” making them seem a little less serious.

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