Gratitude for the Man and the Journey: From “Mirrors”

I will forever be grateful and hold you in high regard.

You mirrored my soul’s fears and faults and left my heart jarred.

But without your love to expose my vulnerability

I would not have fought so hard to taste sweet tranquility.

I’ve learned to love deeper without attachment or expecting more

To appreciate God’s gifts, life’s challenges, and the blessings in store.

So thank you, THANK YOU, for helping me to see

That we’re all connected, joy comes from within, and that love is free.


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the reminders to let go of those things that do not help me to grow and prosper in Your Love. Thank You for supplying all my needs in abundance. I trust that You have my best interest at heart and would not limit my future but continue to fill my life with blessed gifts.

There is so much beauty that You have given the world yet we get trapped in our minds with worry, shame, and regret. But there is no need for that! So instead, I worship, praise, and focus my gaze toward You!

You created the sunlight that reflects off the leaves… and You control the wind that tickles the branches. You gave the lizards and birds the instinct to fill their bellies and dance for a lover. You taught patience, forgiveness, and charity. You placed each star in the night sky and breathed life into those I love.

Thank you for the richness in life.


Each morning- before the stuffy heat- before the race of the day

When the breeze still delivers its good morning kiss, I sit and pray

But not before making room for my anxious-to-cuddle pet

Wrapped in a throw over quilt made with love for a WWII vet

Cuddling by my open window- enjoying the many diverse leaves

As they dance in the sunlight taunting the hummingbirds and bees

Sipping French pressed “coffee w/ soy” that opens my sleepy eyes

So that I may see the captivating blue of the cloudless skies

A caw aw aw of a crow, the cascading of water on rocks,

The rustle of leaves and dogs I hear barking for blocks

This is the time I attune- to my dreams and daily goals

To letting go of the old self for whom the bell tolls

I am grateful for this quiet time every day

To meditate, center myself, and pray

Thank you Lord.