Each morning- before the stuffy heat- before the race of the day

When the breeze still delivers its good morning kiss, I sit and pray

But not before making room for my anxious-to-cuddle pet

Wrapped in a throw over quilt made with love for a WWII vet

Cuddling by my open window- enjoying the many diverse leaves

As they dance in the sunlight taunting the hummingbirds and bees

Sipping French pressed “coffee w/ soy” that opens my sleepy eyes

So that I may see the captivating blue of the cloudless skies

A caw aw aw of a crow, the cascading of water on rocks,

The rustle of leaves and dogs I hear barking for blocks

This is the time I attune- to my dreams and daily goals

To letting go of the old self for whom the bell tolls

I am grateful for this quiet time every day

To meditate, center myself, and pray

Thank you Lord.


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