What Dreams Tell Us

I had a surprising yet quite erotic dream of someone whom I am no longer in contact. Let’s just say I woke up very satisfied!

Because I was a bit startled by the dream, I looked to my higher self… and the internet… for answers.

Dreams are peculiar things. They expose our subconscious thoughts and help us organize all the chaos in our lives. He and I talked about how funny it was that after physical intimacy, our inhibitions were out the window and we could truly be our authentic selves: It’s a beautiful place to share with someone.

I was led to a passage that read: Our “person” may want to tell us something that is difficult and so they reach us in our dreams or in the 5D. If this is true, then I beat him to the punch in the dream. Was he going to tell me about his gorgeous baby girl? His dream come true? Perhaps. Yet, in the dream, before we started our adventure, I stopped… looked at him straight in the eyes and gave my sincerest congratulations for his baby girl! I felt the fearful energy or anxiety dissipate and we continued in pure passion and a desire to please each other rather than the anticipation of sharing that news.

That wasn’t the only part, just his part. My part was about the anxieties and self-consciousness around the “messiness” of my life right now. My energy is spread so thin that I struggle in self-care and keeping ahead of the messes that my children make around my house. I worry that no one will take a chance to love me (for a variety of reasons) yet love is my mission. In the dream, I worried about what he would think about the house, about me… but nothing phased him. He accepted me just as I am. He knew that I needed that more than anything.


Guided by Dreams

Yet another dream where the spirit animals have a prominent appearance. First I will disclose the meanings of each. Then I will describe the dream. Finally I will relate it to my life.

With the help of Auntyflo.com’s Dream Dictionary:

The Meanings

Black Snake: caution, negative energy, must harness energies, unfavorable development, related to my power, emotional storm, let go, move on

Pet: holding something dear to me, caring for others in waking life

Wild Animal as a Pet: embrace and enjoy a happy life. Stop worrying. Stop holding back.

Daughter: Innocence, purity, pleasant events ahead

Rattlesnake: warnings and to take them more seriously

Hidden: [not found] unexpected- Rattlesnake was minding its own business and quiet (not rattling tail): Relax, let things go as they do

Provoked to Kill: Mind my own business, stay out of it, saves me from harm (the black snake)?

Gardener: Inner cultivation, in my case- the masculine side (protector, problem solver, knowledgeable about situation and fearless)

Speaking with the gardener: I will be respected more than expected, enter into environment where I am highly honored.

Toad: positive change, productivity, self-development, put into action and learn to exude beauty from within

Orange: communication, expand horizons, new interests, joy

The Dream

There was a black snake that at first was wild and then somehow became my pet. It was kept in a glass tank by my house’s side gate. On afternoon, I went back to that location with my youngest daughter and saw the tank lid was raised on one side: The black snake had escaped! She quickly found it and grabbed it. Yikes! She is much braver than I. I do not like touching snakes. We put it back in the tank; however, I hadn’t realized that a rattlesnake had curled up to rest in the tank. The black snake immediately bit the rattlesnake, but the rattlesnake with its fiercer bite returned the attack and killed the black snake.

I went back inside the house until I saw the gardener mowing the backyard. I went out to yell a warning to him about the rattlesnake (the mower was loud) and that I didn’t know where it had gone. He turned the mower off and started showing me a trick to lure the snake out from its hiding place. It was a contraption of a stick with a fishing lure that would bounce around. As he explained how it worked, I watched a small bright orange toad hop along the ground. Then the gardener returned to the side walkway to seek out the hiding place of the rattlesnake, but with no luck.

The Interpretation

There are parts of my life that I hold dear even though they are negative and create undue worry. It has been difficult to let go and move on from these negative traits because it is scary. However, I must relax and let God take the lead. I must return to the flow as well as practice wu wei (action through non-action) in some of these situations. In a way, I must stay out of God’s way as He directs my life. By doing so, it saves me from the negative outcomes or saves me from myself. I must allow Christ to protect and show me The Way. If I can do this, then I will be highly respected and honored. I must let His beauty and my inner beauty to overflow. My world will be filled with joy as my horizons expand and I develop new interests.

Hello world!

Thank you to my friends and family for encouraging me to get this blog “off the ground” and “out of my head.”

[Replacing the words to Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car:” “Get outta my head, get into my blog… ooohhooohhh”].

When sharing my experiences and observations, I’ll try to keep the tangents to a minimum; however, sometimes, they are so “out there” or lame, that they are pretty funny.  Don’t worry though: I’ll always come back around.  There is a method to this madness.

Authenticity is key; therefore, here is why writing is such a huge part of my life.  Many who know me can attest that I hate crowds.  I hate parties with lots of people.  I do not do well with small talk.  I’m the gal at a party in the kitchen because 1) I just don’t know what to say to people if it isn’t meaningful dialogue, 2) I experience energetic sensory overload, and 3) being “busy” is better than being “antisocial.”  In this perfectly busy life, I don’t often get to sit at a coffee shop for hours discussing the philosophies of life [RIP Ike’s Truck Stop].  I don’t get to meet random people, dominate them in a game of chess, then drive 400 miles on a whim… all while discussing the philosophies of life.  I don’t get to smoke a bowl, listen to my friend jam on the acoustic guitar, and write songs… about the philosophies of life [You know who you are….You are an amazing artist: Follow your dreams!].  With three kids, that life just isn’t practical or safe.  So… in order to maintain my sanity, I must do something a little crazy: Spill it all in a blog.  The safe and practical way for the modern-day philosopher [and working single mom; aka “A boss”] to share the love of ideas and learning.

[Songs that best caption who I am: “I’d Have To Be Crazy” by Willie Nelson and “Wide Open Spaces” by The Dixie Chicks]

Happy blogging!