Gratitude for the Man and the Journey: From “Mirrors”

I will forever be grateful and hold you in high regard.

You mirrored my soul’s fears and faults and left my heart jarred.

But without your love to expose my vulnerability

I would not have fought so hard to taste sweet tranquility.

I’ve learned to love deeper without attachment or expecting more

To appreciate God’s gifts, life’s challenges, and the blessings in store.

So thank you, THANK YOU, for helping me to see

That we’re all connected, joy comes from within, and that love is free.


Abstract Art

Lost in your lips somewhere between LA and the border. Speaking in tongues as the boom badabeat moves faster. Lay my heart down in the trenches to live off coffee and nicotine. Racing racing racing to the rhythm.

Take you in. Find me there.

Lost sight of the others somewhere between hello and forever. Speaking in glances that were stolen from heaven. Lay down my fear in your arms to protect them. Spacing spacing spacing with no distance between us.

Take me in. Find you there.

Take me home. You wait for me. Your eyes and arms are where I need to be.

Just a little something I was thinking… silly.

Beautiful soul appeasing me

Tell of your secrets so that I may see

What makes you tick? With whose heart do you click? Is seduction, or laughter, or apathy the trick?

Shattered heart confusing thee

Tell of distortions so that I can set you free

What makes you run? With whose mind are you spun? Is the torment you give some sort of fun?

Complex mind intriguing this devotee

Tell of your loops in the mental Grand Prix

What strangles your thoughts like a vine? With whose soul do you entwine? Is that connection divine?

Separation, distance, a disappearing love, moving forward, seeking guidance from above. I don’t want to go, I miss you more than you can know, I want you near always. I don’t want you as my “bro,” I want to be in your flow, I want to know you in all ways.