You’re Not Alone

Would it be vile- in this new age- to get close enough to put my arms around you?

Or should I ignore your suffering by staying six-feet apart- I’m not sure what to do.

I feel your heart breaking and the fear coursing through each vein.

You may lose the one you love but no one seems to hear your pain.

My heart is hanging by its last thread of this sleeve, for someone I never knew.

Dear Stranger, You’re not alone.

Would you have time- perhaps just a moment- to find the root… for me to pick your brain?

It’s not called burnout but is compassion fatigue when you keep going and try not to complain.

You’re hungry, exhausted, over-worked, and over-burdened, and on deaf-ears you collectively plead.

The Man doesn’t hear, but He who sent us does! Let’s create a plan to care for you lest my heart continues to bleed.

The scales are tipped in your favor so the world can see the system is flawed: These conditions are inhumane.

My Weary Caregiver, You’re not alone.

Would knowing my status or forcing my hand ease your mind even if we disagreed?

Risk is a necessary evil when taking a stand or holding strong to your creed.

The trickster has caught us in a trap to swing left or right…to be a passive or passionate civilian?

Our health, our freedom, our lives… at risk without trust or knowing the real villain.

Yet we can still do what’s right by letting our God-given knowledge and intuition be the lead.

To my Uncertain Friend, You’re not alone.

Would protection for our children mean we give up our rights… is that really worth a bribe of 15 billion?

Protection from what or by whom? We’ve already seen the destruction by lost lives over 4.5 million.

These children are caught in the middle while we’re fighting over an unknown agenda that’s either political or moral.

We just want their lives to be full, free, connected, and for them to develop in a way that used to be normal.

But then I remember that no man can take their freedom: The war is already won! Hate- 0; Love- googillion.

Oh Papa- and Mama-Bears, You’re not alone.

None of us are alone in the pain, struggle, and uncertainty.

We just have to let someone in to share the burden and prove that Love wins!


Fighting My Thoughts

Heavy on my bleeding heart. You claim “what’s best for me,” but turn around and tear me apart.

You’ve always got to have the last word as I’m pushing you down. I’m punching the air frantically at someone who’s not around.

Wondering why you never have anything nice to say. You tell me I’m not important. I’m sick of you. I don’t want to live this way.

You say I’m not worth it… my dreams… how I see myself beyond you. I think you’re afraid… that the love I find means your lies aren’t true.

You have no right to keep up this fight.

You are all I have.

I don’t understand why you’re so hurtful. Why you make me feel so hated? You say you’re the best, but truth be told, it seems you’re… well, quite a bit… jaded.

There have been so many times you’ve made me the fool with your tricks- you’re so sly. But no more… I’m done with you… It’s time to say goodbye.

I am not those things you claim so it’s time to let you go. You were never a trusted friend, only my greatest foe.

I’m shoving you back. Let me give you my famous right-hook. Then I’ll stand over you with all the love, joy, and respect you took!

It’s my right to win this fight.

I am all you have!