Fighting My Thoughts

Heavy on my bleeding heart. You claim “what’s best for me,” but turn around and tear me apart.

You’ve always got to have the last word as I’m pushing you down. I’m punching the air frantically at someone who’s not around.

Wondering why you never have anything nice to say. You tell me I’m not important. I’m sick of you. I don’t want to live this way.

You say I’m not worth it… my dreams… how I see myself beyond you. I think you’re afraid… that the love I find means your lies aren’t true.

You have no right to keep up this fight.

You are all I have.

I don’t understand why you’re so hurtful. Why you make me feel so hated? You say you’re the best, but truth be told, it seems you’re… well, quite a bit… jaded.

There have been so many times you’ve made me the fool with your tricks- you’re so sly. But no more… I’m done with you… It’s time to say goodbye.

I am not those things you claim so it’s time to let you go. You were never a trusted friend, only my greatest foe.

I’m shoving you back. Let me give you my famous right-hook. Then I’ll stand over you with all the love, joy, and respect you took!

It’s my right to win this fight.

I am all you have!


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