Where the Road Leads

Now: The warm breeze fills my nostrils with oak bark that has been heating up in the day’s sun.  There’s something serene about sitting among the pines, oak, manzanita, or eucalyptus.  It calms the soul.  Wipes away the cares carried with me from the city. 

Before Now: The path of the gypsy leads many places.  The salty sea sings its soothing serenade- pulling me closer- tempting me to wiggle my toes in her earth.  Sadly, the solitude sought cannot be found as the crowds ferociously labor to make their homestead upon her sands.  No.  It is still too soon for her peace to crash upon me. 

“Trek on… Woman of the Wild!  Your home awaits.” Venture to the Now.

(For the discoveries of this journey, please read Adventures in Dreamland’s “Follow His Lead” @ https://thesaltstone.com/adventures-of-dreamland/)


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