Conversations with Mom

Mom: One of the biggest reasons I get sad when I think of your dad is because after 54 years of growing up together, I look back and see all the mountains we’ve climbed… But then realize when I look forward, I know I have to tackle these new mountains alone.

We’ve been through a lot of challenges. We lost everything in the fire after our wedding and had to start again. We lost everything after the tractor accident and had to start again. Around every turn was a new challenge. But you know something…

Whenever we’d be standing at the foot of a mountain and I’d be panicked wanting to give up… He’d put his arms around me, hold me really tight and say, “Honey, we’re gonna climb this together!”

Every time we’d struggle and want to give up, he’d wipe my tears and reach for my hand, “We’re in this together!”

And when we reached the top and could see over the other side, he’d hold me in the sunlight, kiss me, and say, “We did it! Together!”

Daughter, don’t settle! Find someone with a strong character who will hold you tight and climb the mountains with you.

Find someone like him.


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