1, 2, 3 They’ve All Got the Heart of Me

2. She gets excited ’cause she’s got the brilliant plan. You can see the wheels spinning as she calls out, “Follow me, man!!!” Then she scampers away in a blur only to look back and realize that no one followed her.

1. He’s got a heart of gold, always doing what he’s told… eventually. Even though I’ve got to tell him to unplug, he never fails to remember to find me for a hug.

3. She tests the boundaries with a fearless spirit. If you tell her “No,” she just won’t hear it. Her laughter, smile, and light fill the room. It’s a joyful adventure to watch her bloom.

Good and bad. Ups and downs. There’s no other bunch I could have found… who have warmed my soul right from the start and who instantly captured my heart.

Love, Mom


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