A Prayer for Guidance

Frustration, Anger, Torment, Lack of Faith

Makes me want to run, want to escape.

Should I uproot, take off and leave?

Would that be my solution, my reprieve?

Emptiness continues to close in on me here.

Everyone is leaving and I’ll be alone… I fear.

I thought, “Well I have my future,” but…

There’s no opportunity, the doors seem to shut.

Lord, what is this path you have me trek upon?

Where does it lead, this journey I’m on?

I can’t go south, for the past holds nothing for me.

I can’t go West, for I’d crash into the sea.

East is not an option if I want a livelihood.

Perhaps north would be good?

Or am I to stay put, just where I’m at?

Conquer the unrest, put on your armor for combat!

Lord, guide me to which path to take for my family.

How should I live so that I may glorify Thee?

I shall humbly await for a sign from above.

To show me The Way… of Your endless love.


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