To my dearest girls,

Find your tribe! Don’t settle for those who exclude or make you feel unwanted. Dance to the beat of your own heart’s rhythm. If they look at you in a weird way because your moves weren’t choreographed, then look them straight in the eyes and keep dancing. You are a leader with a brilliant imagination and an expansive love for others. Only follow as a way to lead until you reconnect with the one who makes your soul leap: Then follow him, for I will have prayed that he will follow God. Make many friends in diverse places, but know that they will never fill that void within your heart. Instead, practice your breath.. Breathe Love into the void… Exhale the Love through your arms. Remember that “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” Go ahead and manifest your dreams, you have been given the power: Accept it. And finally… Never forget that my love is with you always!!!




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