Throw Back…. Friday?

I am so excited to have found my journal of quotes from all the amazing books I had read in my early 20s!!! Lost in the pages was an old piece I wrote while at a layover in Chicago, referencing O’Hare’s Neon Walkway.


Sleepy-eyed travellers lethargically rush to their gate, yet upon arrival all they do is wait. Unaware of the pale orange sun creeping up above the horizon… To say good morning to Chicago. Occasionally one may look up, but their tunnel vision limits the beauty to simply signs: “Restrooms [this way],” “Gates C22 – C32 [that way],” “Gate C21 [over there]” and the ever-faithful 5:33.

I had an experience like no other as I made my way outside to the warm breeze. Almost like a mad Carnival Funhouse, the multi-colored neon lights pushed me along. The walls like a space station pale pinks and blues with brand new plastic borders. The music tooted a flute from an unknown source but… Breathing made it all come together in a serene playfulness.

Now as we all wait. We sip on our ritual Grande Mochas… Hoping our plane doesn’t crash.


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