The Mourning Doves

Contrary to the name, the mourning dove- or “turtle doves” as the Christmas carolers call them- represent hope, peace and renewal when one is faced with loss. During a struggle today, I fervently prayed God send me a sign as to why He wants me to keep a faith in “that which the world tells me is impossible.” As I looked up from my praying position, I immediately spotted two mourning doves resting and tending to their feathers on the fence post at the back of the yard. Their presence actually startled me for a moment. I didn’t know what they meant at the time, but I knew with certainty that God was speaking to me through these spirit animals.

Through the doves, He said, “Despite your sorrow and the torment this process brings, trust in Me. Have peace in that I care for you and have a plan for you. Keep that hope and faith in things unseen.”



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