To My Dearest Me. Love, Me.

Just because they don’t love you back

Doesn’t mean you are any less beautiful…

Or any less interesting…


or fun.

It simply means they don’t connect with your awesomeness.

And that’s okay.

No really. That’s okay!

Someone out there will be magnetized to your uniqueness.

The “unknown he” loves you.

So uncover that joy you’ve hidden under fear. Smile again.

Don’t hide your laughter thinking your seriousness makes up for their absence. It justifies nothing.

Letting go doesn’t mean you loved them any less. Letting go doesn’t mean your pain was meaningless. So let. them. go. All of them.

You have picked yourself up each time. You have proved to be stronger in courage and character, more vibrant in knowing yourself, having a greater capacity for simplicity and love! THAT is what matters. Girl, you’ve got this!

Exhale the pain. You don’t need it anymore.

Remember when your mind was clear to allow your body to dance?

Remember why your freedom to “go” invigorated your soul?

Remember how love filled your heart and radiated out your helping hands.

Let’s get back to that.

Let’s get back to Overflowing with joy, love, connection, Spirit.

Let THAT flame burn for all to see and the unknown he will find thee.


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