Beauty in Progress

I think my kids have finally begun to grasp the concept of… “Welp, these are the people who will be in my life forever… And I’m slowly becoming okay with that.”

I have seen more compassion vs. taunting, comraderie vs. devil’s advocate, helpfulness vs. pestering, and acts of kindness from the heart without the obvious and immediate agenda for something in return. I’ve even witnessed the change from hitting, pushing, wrestling to laying (close enough to touch) side-by-side for movie night and affectionate shoulder squeezes during game night (well… accompanied by the wrestling of course). It is encouraging to see healthy positive touch among siblings!

All-in-all, I’m hopeful that soon I will regain my voice as merely an adult woman… Not the stressed out mom hollering at her kids all day.

They sure are beautiful blessings!

Oh the rose bud… Quaint and pretty. A pleasure to observe in the morning. But soon the rose matures and opens its glorious petals to reveal magnificence, beauty, humility with an aire of prestige. So is the child to the keen observer…. Pleasant at first, but once it blossoms into the creature God intended, all shall marvel at its unique and heightened beauty.

Oh the anticipation as my three roses take main stage in the performance… The “opening” ceremony to display their personal specs of color!


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