Just some single-mom thoughts

Parenting is hard. Your kids take most of your time and energy. At times you think, “Oh how I wish I had a little quiet time to myself.” Sometimes you wish you had time for dating… Having a bit of adult male attention would be nice. Sometimes you even find someone special with whom to spend those precious moments. There are other times, rare but still there, when you’re exhausted and full of self-degradation after heart break… When you’ve looked back at all your relationships and realized that you were never enough for any of them. You’ve never been that woman that could inspire or make that difference in his life. Never the one with whom love was celebrated. It was what it was… While you dreamt of more. In those times, the fear of being alone forever is at its greatest…

At those times… Simple moments… Like tickling the farts out of your little girl, holding your son’s hand while asking about his day, or smiling at your daughter’s pride in showing off… These small but meaningful moments with those cute little energy-zappers makes you realize that it’s okay to be alone because you are filled to the brim with love. You have a great responsibility for these beautiful souls…

You may not be enough for him. But you are enough for Him! And you’re everything to them!

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