Throwback Thursday

2005: I AM the vanishing point.  The one your eyes view yet can never really see.  A horizon to dream of exploring.  I AM a mirage- when you are lost in the desert- you think I’m there but I’m only an illusion.  I’ll disappear with a blink or too long a breath.  You’ll never get close enough to touch, close enough to inhale my delicate love, close enough to taste… “me.”  I’ll be gone like lightning on a humid night.  I AM the flutter of your heart.  You feel my presence yet the only way for you to find ME is to dissect yourself and look inside.

2006: Muddy trenches trap if I go too far, but God made this place… better than a bar.  The grandeur of fear makes my heart stand still when the eerie sound of a coyote kill rings from over the hill.  I’m sloshing through puddles to get back with speed before the demons tackle and take the lead.  Back to safety I stop and feel the rain some more, then Herbie unveils dancing feet down in my shaking core.  A stoner’s stupor grabs at my head so I keep the rhythm on my mind’s drum set instead.  Dance with me right here in the rain before I go crazy or completely insane.

The rock walls are caving in… dance your way out. (Thrust by Herbie Hancock)

2006: The more love you give away, the more space you’ve created to receive love.  Therefore, with a beautiful, fulfilling life, I love you. And you. And you over there.  Don’t forget you right in front of me.  Oh, I see you over there in the corner, I love you too.  And you from yesterday.  And you tomorrow.  Last but certainly not least… YOU.  I love YOU today!


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