Pray It Forward

I pray for blessings for all those in need.

I pray for good health and wellness, God’s speed.

That children may giggle and laugh

With their parents, without a care.

May friends snap a quick photograph

And post online to share.

I pray for handshakes and hunger to cease.

I pray for Earth: Environmental peace.

Knowing “All is vanity,”

Fervently as a quiet sage,

I strive to promote charity;

Wisdom’s not in this prideful age.

I pray for familial forgiveness.

I pray that kin truly know their richness.

That I enhance or change a life

With an unprejudiced “Hello.”

“Two are better than one” in strife,

“If they fall, one lifts his fellow.”

I pray for justification through trust.

I pray for sanctification or bust.

God modeled love on my behalf:

Saved by grace through faith in His son.

The law’s fulfilled: Sin knows His wrath.

“Love thy neighbor” for He has won!

-Aaron Mogilski

-Inspiration from Ecclesiastes and Romans

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