Black Hole

You are my light. I am your darkness. Originating from One Great source.

Beware my star, my brightest sun, I will take all of you without remorse.

I do not seek your money, things, or any of your countless possessions.

I want your darkest deeds and frightening fears- a collection of confessions.

There was a time when I was like you: Shining life, a world of envy.

Then my heart collapsed under the bitterness of what could never be.

I’m trapped inside: Stay back, lest my love crush your soul with no recourse.

I remain invincible, yet you’ll know me there by my gravitational force.

Stellar, soulful, seductive: I extend my reach into infinite dimensions.

Out of me- The Gap in the Sky- returns the King for our ascensions.

Now only blackness- snuffing the light- at the center of your galaxy.

But at any day and hour, the gates will open, Love wins, and we’ll be free.